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I am here to help start your health & wellbeing journey today!

Being happy with yourself starts from within and I’m here to inspire and empower you, to start enjoying moving your body in amazing ways you never thought possible, re-instating a healthier relationship with food, exercise and yourself; by achieving balance, becoming a more confident, capable and connected you.

Supporting you in seeing results and putting a spring in your step is my true passion. I am a strong believer in the mind-body connection, allowing you to attaining your goals without the need for extreme dieting, overtraining and stressing the body. My sessions are packed with fun and variety to keep you stimulated and challenged. 

Positivity is contagious and that’s what Carly PT is all about, so let’s evolve together and get started today! Join my classes, follow the workouts, try new recipes and become part of the team!

With positive intention and a strong desire for change, incredible transformations can take place.  

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“Carly is such a fun, energetic and truly caring trainer. Her positivity is contagious and she is the only person who has made me laugh through a sweaty workout. Absolutely fantastic boxing classes! I can’t recommend them enough. Hard work but with Carly’s motivation and enthusiasm they really are made into a fun workout! Despite the muscle soreness the next day, I still look forward to each session. The classes are always tailored to your level so you’re constantly improving and learning new techniques at your own speed!

Laura S, 29, Teacher

“Carly has been my PT for over 10 years. We train 3 times a week, and I can honestly say it’s the best training I’ve ever had. We cover everything to do with my overall health and as a consequence, I feel much fitter these days, and am very focussed on my career which I’m sure is down to the training I do with Carly. I leave our sessions feeling mentally and physically amazing and on top of the world. I would highly recommend Carly to anyone, not only is she very professional but she has also become a dear friend.”

Julian D, 50, Company Founder

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