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“My Personal Training sessions with Carly are wonderful – nourishing, flexible, intuitive, varied, caring, challenging and fun. I look forward to our session together all week and love the fact she always checks in with me and adapts our sessions accordingly. I can heartily recommend her and since working with Carly…I feel and am told I look ten years younger!


Deborah H, 65, CEO of a Leadership Consulting Company

“Carly is full of energy which she really imparts on all her classes. My performance on the football field has improved noticeably due to how hard she pushes us and it would be tough to find an hour somewhere else that works you so hard yet keeps a smile on your face. I really enjoy learning new boxing techniques and the fact it feels like a sport. The added social aspect is a great opportunity for me to work out with my brother, replacing our usual Thursday eves at the pub while getting fitter together!”

Mark P, 36Change Management Analyst

“After years of yo-yo dieting, feeling demoralised by getting little results in the gym, Carly has transformed my relationship with food and exercise. I’ve managed to regain the waist I had when I was 20, dropping 6 inches off my waist! I was nervous to box initially but now it has become my favourite form of exercise and I find it incredibly empowering. I finally enjoy going to the gym and the freedom that comes with no longer feeling the need to ‘diet’. The scales have been thrown out, and I’m now a new woman!”

Michelle J, 51, Complimentary Therapist

“An inspirational trainer who is always evolving and learning new methods to promote health and fitness to her clients. Carly has vibrant energy which she brings to all of her sessions which really allows for a great work out everytime. The boxing sessions are fantastic, and the implementation of different fitness exercises and techniques help you lose weight fast and work on perfecting your form. Her clear passion is helping others and that in itself is priceless.

Wazim A, 33, 
Football Coach

“Since I have started Carly’s Classes, I’ve grown hugely in confidence! She takes great effort to give everyone attention and help us get the most out of the each class. Carly pushes you to your limits and I have done far more than I ever thought I was capable of. I love the social aspect as well as and she takes a real interest in getting to know us all. I’ve met some wonderful people and made some new friends. I can only thank her for her support in making me believe that I can do it!”

Kessy L, 38, Senior PA at a US Investment Bank

“If you are thinking about training with a professional then I can highly recommend Carly. Being a middle aged woman on the wrong side of 50, she has helped my daily life immensely. Her patience, kindness, dedication and humour mean we have also become great friends over the past 3 years. My energy levels have soared and I have got out of the rut that I was stuck in. Carly you have been an inspiration to me I am so pleased to have met you and I would recommend you to anyone!”

Corinne S, 57, Company Director

“Carly puts her heart into what she does. Not only, did she train me but she also became a close friend. With Carly, I learned a lot about how incredible weight training is and I was amazed at how lean I got in the process. I saw a huge difference in my body and became addicted to our Boxing and Weight sessions! We train 2 x a week and have done so for 4 years which has helped take my body to new levels that I never thought possible. Carly is a true professional!”

Alejandra D, 37, 
Fashion Sales Executive

“I love Carly’s holistic approach, she tailors every session to my needs and makes exercise FUN! The thing that’s so special about Carly is that she has an incredible ability to make you feel great, physically and emotionally, even if you’ve had a really tough day. My 10k running times have improved drastically and she helped me enormously by showing me how to value and make the most of my physique. If you’re thinking about signing up with Carly, I have two words for you: DO IT!”

Petra F, 35, Health Chef

“Being in my 50’s and not athletic, Carly was so attentive to my needs and found alternative exercises while teaching me to listen to my body, working with and not against it. I worked with her 2 x a week when I was in the UK snd she knew my short term goal was to get firmer, more toned arms for the dress I planned to wear for my daughters wedding. That was achieved and more with alternating between Boxing, Trx and Weights. Since, returning to the US, I’m struggling to find another trainer that even comes close!”

Karen W, 61, Teacher

“Every week I look forward to my PT sessions with Carly in the comfort of my own home. Our Post Natal Pilates sessions have hugely improved my body awareness, helping me finally learn how to engage my core properly and get back into shape. Every session is different to the last, Carly is forever bringing something new to our workout, keeping it fresh & exciting.  I look forward to carrying on with our training and am very happy with the results so far!

Ruby R, 29, 
Make Up Artist

“I used to dread doing any exercise at all but for the first time in my life I actually look forward to my PT sessions. Carly is extremely motivating, she really gets to know her clients, helping you reach your goals through interesting and diverse sessions. I cant believe I have only just discovered boxing! Carly makes the class so much fun and pushes that it doesn’t even feel  like training. I have told all my friends about Carly and they are all now hooked on her classes too! Thank you for changing my mindset on exercise!

Clare D, 28, Senior Executive

“Carly’s Boxing for Fitness classes makes me sweat like I have never sweated before. The sessions are fun, empowering and most of all truly addictive!! I can’t believe the difference in my overall body tone and fat loss and am noticing definition I’ve never seen before. I wear a heart rate monitor and manage to burn on average 750-800 Kcal’s a session while smiling and laughing the whole way through! I leave every class feeling uplifting and energised, Carly is a true born motivator!

Caroleen R, 42, Documentary Film Maker