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I have been an Elite Hatton Boxing Coach for over 8 years, qualifying with the number one boxing training provider in the UK, The Hatton Academy founded by Ricky Hatton himself and one of the top boxing presenters in the world, Jon Eade.

This excellent grounding has helped achieve incredible results and I’ve been astounded at how it’s been such a catalyst for improving my clients fitness. 

You will be taught both boxing and pad holding techniques mixed in with functional exercises to achieve a full body workout, resulting in burning at least 750 Kcals per session!

Benefits of Knockout:

  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Gains overall strength
  • Improves fitness levels
  • Body sculpts and burns fat fast
  • Improves hand to eye co ordination
  • Self defence and sports specific
  • Increases confidence and self esteem

Knockout promotes feel-good hormones, ensuring you leave every session feeling invigorated and empowered. It’s an uplifting experience like no other, where ‘sport meets fun.’

Don’t believe me, check out testimonials from some of my incredible Knockout team!