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Bootcamp is a sure way to blast your whole body with highly effective circuit training using a range of kit from kettle bells, TRX & battle ropes to ladders, resistance bands and skipping ropes. Performing these full body workouts, heart rates will be elevated, increasing your muscular endurance, as well as fitness levels in no time. Co ordination, movement patterns, balance and core strength will all be challenged to keep you stimulated and progressing as the athlete that you are.

Bootcamp is a body conditioning and sculpting class, getting results fast as well as being great fun, getting participants to work as a team, in the local park gaining those plentiful benefits training outdoors achieves.

Create Your Own Bootcamp >>

You can create your own personal bootcamp. A minimum of 6 people is required and each class is bespoke to suit your group’s individual needs and goals. Several different training methods are incorporated and pieces of kit to ensure an effective and fun workout is had by all.

Corporate Bootcamps >>

Corporate bootcamp is all about injecting more motivation into the workplace, energising and motivating you and your team together. My specifically tailored classes have plentiful benefits from enhancing morale, relieving stress and causing less absenteeism to increasing confidence and greater productivity.

Bootcamp prices available upon request