My mind and body are finally talking to each other!

I’ve just started regular Biodynamic massage therapy, and feel that I need to share my experience with you lovely people. After just 6 weekly sessions, I’m now beginning to comprehend the true profound effect the massage is having on my life. What started out as a treatment for my sporting injuries, soon became something much greater. I discovered that in order to achieve true wellness, real and honest communication between my mind and my body is not only desirable, it is essential.

The treatment is like nothing I’ve experienced before. In fact, I didn’t tell the therapist what my issues were, yet within 5 minutes, he knew exactly what was going on just by his ‘felt’ sense. I’ve never before had a treatment where I was asked to keep my mind focused instead of simply drifting away into “dreamland”. He explained to me that our bodies function in familiar patterns that we learn through life, and unless we become aware of them, we will never improve and strengthen our posture, reduce our pain and tensions, or calm our anxieties and stresses.

The therapist works using different levels of pressure and movements depending on what he feels is needed. What was really surprising is that a cause of a muscle tightness in one area could be due to something so unrelated. In one session, I  couldn’t believe that one point on my foot could affect my eye socket on the other side of my body.

And let me tell you, both his foot and head massage are out of this world. (literally!). Towards the end of the treatment, he works on these areas, which completes the hour and a quarter of me-time perfectly. The difference in my frame of mind and feelings within my body from the start to finish is quite astonishing, and each time I experience a complete sense of calm and stillness which itself is enough for me to keep rebooking and referring my clients and friends to him.